Rabu, 22 Juni 2011

If I Fall In Love

Ya Allah, if I fall in love, make me love with somebody who drop the love to You, in order to increasely my believer to love You

Ya Muhaimin, if I fall in love, protect my love to him, in order to not exceed my love to You

Ya Allah, if i fall in love, let me touch somebody’s heart wich tied up to You, in order to not fall into a gorge of love deceit.

Ya Rabbana, if i fall in love, protect my heart to him in order to not turn from Your heart.
Ya Rabbul Izzati, if i yearn, yearning me with somebody who yearning to martyr in Your way
Ya Allah, if i yearn, protect my yearn in order that me not careless to yearn Your Heaven.
Ya Allah,if I enjoy Your lover love, don’t let the enjoyment exceed my enjoyment the beauty of pray in Your latest third night
Ya Allah, if I fall in love with Your lover, don,t let me wobbly and fall in a long way to call a human to You
Ya Allah,if You allowed me to yearning Your lover, don’t let me pass over the limit until it make me forgot about the true love and eternal yearn with You.

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